Future Memory: An Experiment With Time, third and final part of the Strange Attractor series. This project was inspired by the book, Future Memory & Time, by Dr. Sean O’Donnell and used his technique of ‘pre-call’ to make a set of images that were linked together using fragments of a science fiction story about time-travel. 


Narrative art project, Searching for The White Room, which treats a mysterious contract sent to The KLF in 1988 by ‘Eternity’, to make “an artistic representation of a journey to a place called The White Room” as an open invitation for anyone to complete for themselves. The project also examines the film they attempted to complete as a result of this contract, The White Room. There is also a Facebook page to pinpoint research material.


Artist Residency at Sligo Folk Park, Rediscovery Heritage: So far this has resulted in an exhibition I curated about Ireland’s vinyl record manufacturing industry (1950s-1992) which since June is currently on show there until the end of the year; Memories (a sound piece) and further research and field work for Strange Attractor about the locality and other connected subjects.

A video, Journey To An Unknowable Place, from The Zone Does Not Exist will be included in Psychic Lighthouse at The Model, Co. Sligo with work by Clodagh Emoe, Joachim Koester, Maria Loboda, Goshka Macuga, Deirdre McKenna and Susan MacWilliam and curated by Emer McGarry.

Strange Attractor/Myth, Mystery and the Miraculous, narrative art project. Details here.


Ring/Outline/41 Rocks, third and final part of the 3 year Annual Public Sculpture Series. A project using the One Minute Residency and Deeper into Nothing models, to create a subtle public sculpture in the landscape without permission. Details of project here.

Abstract Analogue is a space to archive and collect new and old writings of mine regarding music from my art practice and other sources. It includes the beginnings of a new project, Tracks & Traces.

The Zone Does Not Exist, website which documents and responds to a site somewhere in the north-west of Ireland where strange and super-natural activity is claimed to occur. Project website here

Connections Mix CD released and distributed to The Model Arts Centre and charity shops in Sligo town. This was a mixtape of some of my favourite music to introduce myself to the people of Co. Sligo (my new home).


Exhibition of work from A Guide To Here Nor There at Hunter’s Moon festival at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon. More details here.

Chimney/40 Bricks (After Elaine Reynolds), located on former Arigna Power Station site in Co. Roscommon: No.2 in Annual Public Sculpture Series. A project using the One Minute Residency and Deeper into Nothing models, to create a subtle public sculpture in the landscape without permission. Project details here.

How To Disappear Archive a new website to document this 2010 project including new work here.

How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All, two digital prints included in Paper Visual Art: Dublin Edition.

Deeper into Nothing booklet published. Order and preview here.

Artist talk entitled The Allure of Mystery/Thinking About Music at the Arpanet live show in Mabos, Hanover Quay, Dublin. It can be read here.

A Guide to Here Nor There: An Affectionate Tour of Co. Leitrim, Ireland Navigating reality through fiction. Collaboration with Isabel Lofgren.  Website here.


Time Travel project and essay. It can be read here.

The Art of Concealment Secret Residency type project undertaken during a year while working at The Dock arts centre. Project website here.

Pixel/Nest/39 Stones, located on the Co. Leitrim coastline: No. 1 in the Annual Public Sculpture Series. A project using the One Minute Residency and Deeper into Nothing models, to create a subtle public sculpture in the landscape without permission. Project details here. This piece is also an entry in A Guide To Here Nor There

One Minute Residency Handbook published. Preview and purchase in physical or ebook formats here.


Here Forever: An ongoing research project on previously drilled shale gas wells in Ireland (1963 – 2001) which came out of the Trade residency. More

Trade residency with mentor David Michalek, including final exhibition Talk About Fracking with Engage Artist Collective. Details here.

Portrait of Space conference, Blackrock, Co. Dublin:  Artist talk on Deeper into Nothing, intervention and two photographic prints , Secret Sign and Future Potential. More.

Deleted Scenes short film made using Deeper into Nothing technique and screened at a variety of events this year including The Dock (Dec-Jan 2012) & Hunter’s Moon festival (Oct). View here.

One Minute Residency project made during TRADE residency. More here.

Essay on How to Disappear project included in Lebensreform in Leitrim by Sarah Browne.


Deeper into Nothing Film No. 2 with optional artist’s commentary at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. It can be watched here.

How to Disappear, a tribe of people who live somewhere in the North-West of Ireland, have allowed the artist Stephen Rennicks to document their way of life. The only condition being that he does not reveal their identities or location. An exhibition of this work was staged in 2010. More

Deeper into Nothing Film No. 1 (Technique), film showing one-off project using this technique. Video here


9/9/2009: Deeper into Nothing Ongoing project about the seeming nothing of the present moment, website here.

Flux, sound piece about change in relation to Ireland. You can listen here.

Pattern Recognition (2008 – 2009), digital photography project about unintentionally created man-made patterns. A video that collects some images found so far can be viewed here.

Everyday Actions (2006 – 2009) Project which examined the details of our everyday actions which found a unique pattern to remind us of our individuality. Included sound, text, line drawings and more.


Excerpts of video work No People Here (1999) programmed under theme of time alongside work by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Taysir Batniji, Julius Ziz, Djamel Korene and Eamonn Doyle by Experimental Film Club, Dublin. More

8/8/2008: Completion of three year in the making land art trilogy, 666 777 888. On this day the location of the final, Future, piece was revealed as a stone mound viewing point of the past and present sites. More

20 designs in 1 Inch Badge Art group show, Mantua, Co. Roscommon. More

Find Your Own Story, 6 min video and audio loop plus essay The Return of Mystery in publication. Group show, Underground, Dublin. Curated by Dennis McNulty and Peter Maybury. More about Underground.The essay can be read here.

The Natural Bridge, concept for bridge. Group show of four artists and four architects. The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.


Transfixed by the Spectacle of the Means of our Destruction, 4 min silent video piece at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. You read about it and watch here.

Solo show, With & Without Context, Mantua Project, Co. Roscommon. Over two rooms which included new work in progress, Spirit Recorder and material from Everyday Actions and Secret Residency (Without Context room) plus Music as an Influence installation (With Context room).

7/7/2007: Red Cross at Sheemore(The Past), part 2 of 666, 777, 888 project, the illumination of the cross at the summit of Sheemore in Co. Leitrim for one night only. Now only a memory for those who saw it. More


Temporary Residence is a sound piece given to each of the residents of the Marymount apartment complex, the artists home for 18 months. The piece was made from sounds emanating from the communal courtyard area. Included in group show at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. It can be listened to here.

Sep: Return to Black Lough is final part of Black Lough Trilogy. Installation located at lake itself. Details here.

Imagine Black Lough. Black Lough goes indoors at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. Installation including audio, slide projection and more. Details here.

6/6th 2006: 6th June 2006(The Present), part one of the 666, 777, 888 project. A low key but very permanent work. A record of this project can be viewed here.

Black Lough, a trail through a forest to a lost lake. Includes sound piece only available at trails end. Documentation on this and the following two incarnations of the work here.


Costello Memorial Chapel Project, Sound piece, available on CD only from the door of the chapel. Project covered in detail here. Included in group show at The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The piece can be listened to here.

3 pieces, Spirit Recorder, 2 Pints and Broken Mirror, exhibited in Visual Arts section of Carrigallen Arts Festival.

Art action using another persons record collection on Dublin’s Radio Na Life station.

6 month Secret Residency at Dublin Airport. Documented here.

Moment Series (2004 – 2005) asked sound artists to intrepret the phrase, ‘To stretch a moment is to live outside time’. Three full length CDs were released, details here.

Junk Out Of Context was a year long project which involved finding source material for sound and video piece’s in charity shops across Dublin and then depositing the resultant works back into the same shops in various formats. In all there were 14 sound collages, 6 ambient pieces and 4 films completed in this time. A live audio mix plus video projection of the material was presented at Dublin’s Lazybird club to mark the end of the project. Two compilations featuring the sound collage and ambient piece’s were also released on the artists own Ancient Records label. Video documentation here.


The sound piece Trains for the Blind included on the CD with the 2004 ESB Dublin Fringe Festival Transit visual arts catalogue. This was a collaboration between London based artist Melissa Agate involving the exchanging of recordings of train station sounds in Dublin and London. Temple Bar Gallery also hosted a selection of work from the visual artists taking part, including a text piece I did about my piece. Curated by Mark Garry and Ciara Healy. More information on this and the sound piece itself can be listened to here.

8 pieces exhibited during Big Bang at Digital Hub, Dublin. Including photography, found art and paper collage.

Took part in Make One Room an Everywhere, a 12 hour DJ/Visual event at Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. An hour long video piece was made with the event in mind, Untitled, and was projected while I DJed.


4 small black and white images included in a book put together by people involved or related to the Mongrel collective.

Who Are You?, small format text and photography work shown at the Tripswitch space at the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin. Curated by Mark Garry.