Searching for The White Room (2016)

Strange Attractor (2015)

Water Tower digital print from The Zone Does Not Exist (2014)

How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All (2012) digital print for Paper Visual Art Journal: Dublin June 2013

Dreaming the Possible (2013) postcard from A Guide To Here Nor There

Pixel/Nest/39 Stones (2012) digital print No. 1 from Annual Public Sculpture Series

Waste Ground/Stromen (2012) digital print from The Art of Concealment

Whatever You Want It To Be (2011) digital print from One Minute Residency

Here Forever (2011) digital print from Trade residency

Transport (2010): slide from How to Disappear

Deeper Into Nothing No. 1 (2009) digital print from Deeper Into Nothing

The Natural Bridge (2008) installation at The Dock

Present (2006) digital print from 666777888

Spirit Recorder (2007) from With & Without Context, Mantua Project, Co. Roscommon

Elements (2007), from With & Without Context, Mantua Project, Co. Roscommon


Trail (2006) slide from Imagine Black Lough at The Dock

Pushing Out (2005) digital print Secret Residency

Untitled (2004) video stills from Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin