16864165_1460998990600830_5533287035091727595_nI am an artist based in the northwest of Ireland. My practice has investigated myth, mystery, the now and poetic truths, amongst other things. My work often re-imagines something which has become discarded, forgotten or was never completed. I have used various mediums including video, booklets, speculative fiction, sound, websites and installation. In 2005 I completed a ‘Secret Residency’ while working a part-time job in Dublin Airport which led me towards my ‘One Minute Residency’ and ‘Deeper Into Nothing’ projects, both models for stimulating creativity and being more in the moment. I am also interested in art in public spaces and some of my work continues to subtly exist there without permission.

email: rennicksstephen at eircom dot net

you can follow me at Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.

You can also explore a map with many of the locations I have made work.