I am an artist based deep in the Irish countryside. For 20 years my practice has investigated myth, mystery, the now and poetic truths amongst other things along the way. My work often re-imagines something which has become discarded, forgotten or was never completed. I have used various mediums including video, booklets, speculative fiction, sound, websites, radio shows and installation. I am also interested in art in public spaces and some of my work continues to subtly exist there without permission.

email: stephenrennicks72 at gmail dot com

I also run Drexciya Research Lab, Abstract Analogue, Searching for The White Room , In The Electric Mist and host Time Travel on Dublin Digital Radio (all part of Archive Building). If you would like to show support for these endeavours or any of my art projects you could leave a tip/donation here. I would be very grateful.

You can follow me at Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube. and explore a map with many of the locations I have made work.